Social Bookmarking Websites are known to characteristic new content Search Engine visit the social bookmarking websites often and this is one of the focal points of getting your back links from Social Bookmarking Websites. Your website links will be indexed more quickly by popular Search Engine which helps you to get good ranking and high traffic toward your website. Social bookmarking site helps their users to save, manage bookmarks and search for their top choice website pages never less demanding and in addition empowers them to share this bookmark with their friends or contact which is mostly based by defining keywords.

In this competitive world it is a trend that many people are starting to build their own website clone of popular websites successfully running on the internet and want to start their personal online business to earn money. NCrypted provides many website clones including Delicious Clone, Reddit Clone, Digg Clone or StumbleUpon Clone which is also available in form of readymade Bookmark Script which has inbuilt useful features.

Digg is one of the biggest Social Networking Websites accessible on the Internet. It is true that Digg was a while ago intended for the most part the technological sites however it is making an extraordinary job for different websites too. Digg Clone by NCrypted Websites is allowed to sign up for free and ready for utilization. It has some categories and sub categories where you can submit your post and generally everything on Digg are submitted by the community itself.

Important Features of Digg Clone, a Bookmark Script by NCrypted

  • User allows inviting their friends from Facebook and also allows creating their own group
  • Search Engine optimized website structure
  • Users are allowed directly to login with their existing social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Digg Clone allow their users to submit their Articles, Images, Videos or audios
  • Registered users can send and receive personal messages to their friends or contacts and many other features


Why NCrypted?

NCrypted is an award winning company, for its customer support and quality website clones being developed by us. NCrypted follows agile programming model to attain the website solution. NCrypted has about 400+ clients’ base, 1400+ projects being developed for them satisfying them in 50+ countries. For further reference visit our NCrypted Websites.