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Important features can help to get more traffic through Digg Clone

Digg is a popular social bookmarking website that is gone by a large number of visitors for every month. Everyone like to visit Digg because it is continually updated with news constantly. Digg was initially intended for technology websites. However, it additionally has different categories, for example, news, food, etc. If you couldn’t discover a category to submit your post, you can submit it under Offbeat. Digg can help your site get indexed in a relatively short time. Websites that have a couple of pages can without much of a stretch get indexed within a few days. However, if your website has many pages, it will take a longer time to get indexed.

Digg Clone

Now days it is a new trend to make a website clone of popular websites, Digg is one of the most popular social bookmarking websites so you can make customized Digg Clone to get more benefits from it. Digg Clone from NCrypted can be built as per your requirements and you also can add your own additional required features as well. NCrypted Websites is a leading Website Clones and Website Clone Scripts provider on the web. Readymade Website Clone Scripts like Classified Script, Search Engine Script, Bookmark Script which has two products Nigg and Bookitt. Nigg is a website clone of Digg while Bookitt is a readymade website clone script of Reddit website, with these scripts you will have nearly all useful features of bookmarking websites.

There are few features you can include in Digg Clone to help users to get more traffic


This is one of the most popular features in which users are allowed to post their content into their favourite newsroom. This feature helps users to subscribe only their favourite topics so they can only get news or updates of their interested subjects. Many from you will have questions that how to use Digg Clone, a Bookmark Script to get Benefits so you can check here for the same.

New Digg Submission

In this part if user want to submit post into Digg Clone they can submit their content with two ways, first they can simply submit by choosing particular category while other is by selecting their favourite Newsroom, to do submission in newsroom it is necessary to “follow” the newsroom in which you want to post your content.

Voting system

Voting play a crucial role in Digg website because with the help of it will be decided that which post has more diggs and deserved to be on the homepage of the Digg Clone Script. There are two thumbs on each post, Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down in which as much as Thumbs Up a post has it will be displayed on the homepage of Digg Clone.

Social Media Counts

As we all know that social media optimization play an important role to get good traffic. In Digg Clone you can include Social Media icons and counters of Facebook, Twitter, etc. so it serves as social media counter that content is read and share worthy. This will help users to find out popular posts and they can easily find helpful post.

NCrypted Websites is a website development company which is mostly known as a leading website clones and website clone script provider. With Website Clone Scripts like Classified Script, Bookmark Script, Search Engine Script, etc. you will have complete rights on the script so you can make any changes later as per your requirements.

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