Feb 26,2014 Apr 18,2015

What is Digg Clone?

Digg is a site that allows people to cover fascinating content as well as other information. Digg users then are allowed to vote on the stories that they think is the best. The more vote on a story, the higher it is stacked up. Having one’s site on the top page of Digg can produce a large number of visitors. Is you were to visit the Reddit, you will find that the majority of the top stories are about current news or about general subjects. You can see nearly and check whether you can some way unite your websites topics are connected with current news or updates.

Digg Clone from NCrypted will have all these functionality so you can gain other users’ attraction toward your website. Digg Clone from NCrypted is fully customized website clone so you can make your social bookmarking website clone as per your needs and with your additional required features. And if you are looking for readymade website clone script, NCrypted offers readymade Bookmark Script which has nearly all features and can be edited later as per your requirements.

Here are answers for them who are questioning Why Digg Clone from NCrypted is popular?

  • Experienced Web Developers help you to make a website with proper coding structure which allow website to work smoothly without any problems.
  • If your website supports multiple languages or allows translations it is beneficial for your website because it will help many people from across the globe.
  • It is important to have complete rights on the website which make available you if you are interested to make any changes on the website.
  • Digg Clone will be built with fully Search Engine friendly and User Friendly Structure which helps you in rankings of Search Engine, it is also important that your website has user friendly structure so user can operate your website easily.
  • Easy Admin Panel will be provided to manage whole site from back end of the website. Administrator is able to make any necessary changes on your website.

NCrypted Websites offers both readymade Bookmark Script as well as fully customized Digg Clone, so if you are looking for any of them contact immediately NCrypted!

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